President's Foreword



Welcome to the newest edition of the Long Path Guide. The Trail Conference's mission is to protect the outdoors and educate people in its wise use. This book plays a role in fulfilling that mission as it describes one of the two long distance hiking trails whose lengths mainly are in New York State. There are three main reasons why this trail is important to us. First, it offers opportunities for hikers to experience different types of terrain and passes through urban, suburban, rural, and wild areas. The road walks show how vulnerable our landscape is. Second, the trail shows how public and private interests can work together to preserve our open spaces. The trail passes through more private land than any other trail maintained by the Trail Conference. This would not have been possible without us learning how to interact with private landowners and other environmental groups to obtain rights-of-way for the trail. Third, by forming the Long Path North Hiking Club to construct the northern parts of the trail, it showed how we could create more trails to be maintained by the Trail Conference and create public support through trail construction.

Thank you and enjoy the Long Path and this guide. Your purchase provides support for Trail Conference activities such as its conservation and advocacy efforts.


— Jane Daniels (2002)

President, Board of Directors

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