The Hudson Highlands

The Long Path makes its first foray into genuine mountains as it passes through the Hudson Highlands. It is the first time that the trail reaches higher than 1000 feet elevation above sea level. As part of its journey north through this region, it traverses the length of two major New York State Parks, Harriman, one of the oldest, and Schunemunk Mountain, one of the newest. It also enters a part of New York State that is steeped in Trail Conference history. Many of the trails created by the Trail Conference in its infancy are contained in Harriman and Bear Mountain State Parks. The very first section of the Appalachian Trail lies in Harriman and that first section crosses the Long Path near Island Pond Mountain in Section 6. There are many, many trails throughout the Harriman and Bear Mountain State Parks, making endless loop possibilities incorporating portions of the Long Path.


Turkey Hill Lake from Long Mountain. 2001 [JAKOB FRANKE]