37. Christman Sanctuary to Featherstonhaugh State Forest

Section 37: Christman Sanctuary to Featherstonhaugh State Forest

Quick Facts

Distance: 10.0 miles
Parks: Christman Sanctuary, Featherstonhaugh State Forest
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General Description

From Christman Sanctuary the Long Path follows local roads until it reaches Featherstonhaugh State Forest. Along the way it passes through the Hamlet of Duanesburg. In Featherstonhaugh State Forest the trail follows ski trails and snow mobile trails, until it reaches Judith Lane.


From the NY State Thruway (I-87 N) merge onto I-90 W. In about 10 miles take exit 25A and merge onto I-88 W toward NY-7/Schenectady/ Binghamton. In 6 miles take exit 24 toward NY-7/US-20/Duanesburg, then turn left onto US-20 E. Continue about 2 miles and turn right onto Schoharie Turnpike. The Christman Sanctuary parking area is on the left in about 3 miles.


0.00  Christman Sanctuary parking area. (42.74320°, -74.12875°)
5.80  Schenectady County Forest trailhead parking lot. (42.80174°, -74.15425°)
8.00  Featherstonhaugh State Forest parking area on Lake Road. (42.81069°, -74.13476°)
8.50  Featherstonhaugh State Forest parking area at Tidball Road. (42.80926°, -74.12870°)
10.00  Featherstonhaugh parking lot on Judith Lane (limited). (42.81148°, -74.11646°)


9.00  Frosty Acres Campground at 1560 Skyline Drive. Follow Tidball Road 0.8 miles to the end, then turn left on Skyline Drive for 0.65 miles.
Camping in Featherstonhaugh State Forest is allowed, but subject to the standard DEC rules and regulations.

Trail Description

0.00  From the Christman Sanctuary parking lot turn left onto Schoharie Turnpike.

0.80  Turn right on Weaver Road (Schenectady County Route 152). Cross under I-88 to reach New York State Route 7.

1.80  Go right on Route 7

2.70  Reach the intersection with New York State Route 20 in the Hamlet of Duanesburg. There is a diner at the corner. Turn left on Route 20 and pass under a railroad bridge to reach Duanesburg Churches Road (County Route 127) on the right. James Duane (1732-1797), the founder of Duanesburg, is buried here in a vault under the church.

 lpg37 Duane's 1792 church. 2013 [MARK TRAVER]

3.95  Follow Churches Road north to Lake Road (County Route 88).

6.50  Turn right on Lake Road and continue east.

7.25  Pass a Schenectady County Forest parking area on the left.

7.65  Reach the western boundary ofFeatherstonhaughStateForest where the Long Path turns left into the woods. Reach a junction with a ski trail and turn right. Cross under a power line and at the next ski trail turn right.

8.25  Cross Lake Road. The Long Path follows the ski trail and bears left at the first trail junction. After crossing the third stream on a foot bridge, reach a second ski trail junction, then turn left to reach a snowmobile trail.

8.65  Turn right on the snowmobile trail that parallelsLake Road near a parking area. Before the snowmobile trail reaches a swamp, the Long Path heads left to reach Lake Road with a wide mowed bank. Follow the road bank to the junction of Lake Road and Tidball Road.

9.00  Cross Lake Road to the trail and state forest on the north side of the road. Reach a junction with a ski trail and turn left.

9.80  Reach another trail junction - left leads to a DEC dock with a view of the lake.

10.00  The Long Path turns right at the junction and ascends to reach small DEC parking area on Judith Lane. Canoes can be launched here.

lpg37 Featherstonhaugh Lake. 2013 [MARK TRAVER]


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